Blogging: Comatose

After many revisions, starts, restarts, remakes, redesigns, tweaks, updates and misc changes to this site, I’ve finally decided to take and overhaul this entire site starting with the theme. I’ve had a daunting Todo list that grows every time I look at my site. The web has changed drastically. The browsers we use each day have improved exponentially and hardly resemble the ones we used a few short years ago. Sites have to be designed for media from a small screen to a huge widescreen monitor. Content is more dynamic. Layout is becoming organic.

I’ve decided to rebuild this site, starting with the theme. But just rebuilding it isn’t enough. I’m going to open source the theme on GitHub, as well as blog the development and decision making process that has (and is) driving the design and development of this theme.

Web, meet Comatose. Comatose, meet web.

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