Blogging Done Right

It’s weird to write about blogging. Its like a recursive, self referencing thought that works in the real world but throws exceptions inside my brain. It something we look at, see many people do, and don’t do ourselves. Blogging consistently is Hard. Capital H. I always have things to say. Writing them is whats hard. Refining them is hard. Deciding if my non-existent-audience would want to read what I’m writing is hard. I’m constantly finding things that I don’t think would make a good blog post, or don’t have the time to write something I feel is worth reading. So I’m not going to try to write good blog posts. I’m just going to write about what interests me. If you like it, great! If not, welcome to the other 7 billion 36 million 776 thousand and 270 people in this world right now. (Don’t you love the Internet? independent research, unverifiable stats, random sites with javascript tickers? Yeah, it’s awesome)

Besides, no one reads my blog anyways. Except you. Congratulations. Hi.

I think this was all sparked by Steve Yegge. I ran across his post on phone screening when I was looking for some guidelines on interviewing people. I mean come on, the guy worked at Amazon and now Google, so you know he’s smart. Then you start reading and realize its half practical, half satire, and all slightly funny at the same time. Just what I needed. If your a programmer and want something entertaining to read, read his tour of programming languages:

More to the topic at hand, I haven’t posted something on my site since January, and I have a pile of notes just SITTING around waiting to be turned into nice neat, well formed blog posts. But that doesn’t matter, not unless they’re actually turned into blog posts. Which as I suck at doing consistently. Thus The Final Conclusion™ is that I just need to write. Then write more. Then get better by DOING on a regular basis and improving my writing as I go along and not being THAT perfectionist. You know, the one that has to have the perfect article at the perfect time correctly targeted at just the right audience… that doesn’t exist. Like I said, no one reads my blog anyways.

So this is a kick in my own pants. A reminder to not care about what people think. To write about what interests me.

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