Comatose Theme

Comatose is an open source wordpress theme designed to be light, efficient, minimalist, and excel at the display of photography and code. I build and maintain it, and it’s what I’m running on my site.

Download Comatose Theme v1.1

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Download v1.1

  • Comments by the post author have a different style and stick out more.
  • HTML5 Local Storage saving for comments, so if you accidentally close or click away while writing a comment, if you come back to the page everything you filled out will still be there. (provided by Sisyphus.js).
  • Fonts now use web fonts, so titles and headers in the post can be selected and copy / pasted better. Devices that don’t have support for web fonts will use an image based font (WP 7 right now).
  • Conditional loading for image based font javascript.
  • Post tags have new styling.
  • .code-box class for <pre> tags to display console or unstyled monospaced content without scrolling.
  • Fixed: Footer links were broken.

v1.0 – Initial Release

Download v1.0


  • HTML 5 layout with CSS 3 styling
  • Responsive Layout
  • Clean, minimalist design
  • Print style
  • Clean, readable, and consistent text styling.
  • Clean and readable typography.
  • Clean display of code.
  • Beautiful images
  • Images display at native resolution on Regular and High Density screens
  • Widget enabled sidebar support
  • Nested comment support
  • Gravatar image integration for comments (High resolution images for High Density screens)
  • Custom menu support
  • Nested sub-sub-sub menu support
  • Graceful degradation in older browsers


Comatose Windows with Chrome showing Sidebar