Farewell InterKnowlogy, thanks for all the fish

As some of you may know, this last Friday (August 3rd) was my last day at InterKnowlogy. It has been a fantastic experience working with and being there for the past 3.33 years (1215 days to be exact). But, like all good things, there comes a time a better opportunity comes along that you just can’t resist. If you don’t know already, you’ll hear about it shortly.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have started my career at InterKnowlogy. It has been incredible to work with people of that caliber, people who are not just technical, but people who genuinely care about the work they do and the people around them. I’ve been invested in and mentored during my time there and it’s to all of them that I owe the experience and skills that I have today. I know that these experiences will continue to shape me throughout my career. So to all of you who who are reading this that have helped me along the way: Thank you!

My best wishes and continued success to InterKnowlogy and all the people that work there,

You rock,


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