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I just finished putting the finishing touches on a new site design for Arrowhead Bible Camp, the current site is in great need of an overhall and update, mainly because it is becoming difficult to update the existing content and keep everthing consistent across the entire site.

The new site is based off of WordPress, a PHP based blog and content managment system.  It’s light and extensable and most of all, easy to update.  The theme is based off of K2, a theme that adds a layer of advanced functionality to the existing core wordpress installation and allows for custom styling of that theme.  This is the third iteration of the design concepts for the new arrowhead site, starting from a primaraly white, open site with few images and rounded and angled corners. From there it progressed to primarly K2 style theme with a simple header image, menus, and minimalistic bent. For this last iteration I decided to go with a more modern, image heavy design that I feel portrays the look and feel of the camp much better than the other designs did.

Take a look, tell me what you think: (click to view full size)

Paul Rohde

3 thoughts on “New site design for Arrowhead

  1. Looks very clean. The only thing that looks a bit off is the drop shadow on the left, it really only sticks out if you are looking for it, but it just seems odd for some reason.

    How big is it bandwidth-wise compared to the current theme?

  2. Looks like it’s going from about 130kb per hit right now to about 275kb per hit for the new design, plus the new site is xhtml standards compliant, has rss feeds, and well, is just a plain better than static html :)

    Your probably right about the shadow, I was trying to go for a ringlight type look (puts shadows all the way around the edge of a subject) but I guess it could look a bit odd.

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