Open Mike Night

I probably should have posted this before I posted the one of DJ Blacklight, for time-orders sake, and for my own sanity. Contrary to popular belief, I’m lazy and have decided not to mess with the timestamps and a bunch of other time manipulation techniques known to some as ‘database entry modification’.

That aside, open mike night was awesome, good times, good people, good music… what more could you ask for?

Ohhhhh… thats right… I must have read your mind… oh wait, thats my own… Pictures…Finger dance stringsChillaxin at the tableInterprative DanceIn the flesh

And yes Shawn, I just stole ‘chillaxin’ from you… Oh BISCUIT!

Yes, its late… Yes, I’m tired… NO I’m not completely insane… yet.

Night ya’ll,

Paul Rohde

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