Photowalking Utah – Studio Lighting Event ’09

As some of you know (And some of you don’t know) I participate in a Utah photo group known as Photowalking Utah its a once a month event of photographically minded people who get together once a month to “Photowalk” a location. It’s a chance for photographers to get together, talk, discuss, and to take pictures at interesting and new locations. The group is open to anyone interested, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned professional. This last Photowalk was slightly different than the usual outdoor locations, it was designed to help people learn and experiment with studio lights in several different areas, each area was setup with a different lighting setup from natural light, to Strobist style setups, to full blown Softbox and studio strobe lighting to give a wide range of the various off camera lighting styles and systems that people use. It’s a very creative bunch of people with a very diverse set of skills and areas of expertise and a community that supports and helps its members become better. This group has been growing at an unbelievable rate since it started in October 2007 by Bryan Jones, Ann Torrence and Rich Legg, many thanks to you all for starting the group and for all the effort you guys have put into it, it’s really paid off.

A Black and White Portrait


Smashing Keyboards

Rockin all Night Long

– Paul Rohde

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