Career Week Pre-Kickoff : Self Portraits

In the spirit of Career-Week at Neumont University where I currently attend, I decided to kick it off with something I haven’t done seriously in over 2 years, a series of self-portraits. The purpose is two fold, not only do I get a bunch of kick-A photos to stick on my professional profile, you also get to have a visual image of me as I really kick the interview and job search process into gear. Career Week itself is a week long event where companies in the industry come in, do presentations, look at students and interview with ones they are interested in. It is a pretty big deal for all the students graduating within the next two quarters as many of the contacts and companies at this event are the employers of current Neumont grads or will be in the future employing people from Neumont and its a good chance that some of these companies are the ones that you’ve wanted to work at.

Moving on, to the photography side of things…

The light setup was a bit difficult because of the size of my room, trying to cram a light, softbox, camera into a room with a bed, desk, computer, dresser, and two book cases with enough room to spare so that my 20mm lens (Wide-angle lens for the non-camera-terminology-savvy) could still get a decent picture of myself. I ended up with the softbox almost directly above my head and a little closer to the camera with a bare flash off to my right sitting on the desk (Left side of the pictures). After getting the rough light setup I fired the camera off a few times to make sure I had no ambient and then turned up the flashes to get the exposure I needed. I think that the bare strobe I was using is running low on juice, the recycle time for a 1/4th power pop wasn’t keeping up for the 5 second interval I had the timer set up for. But that aside, everything turned out amazing for this little two light setup.

Please, feel free to leave a comment, let me know what you think, how I’m doing, what I could do better, if you liked it, hated it, you know the drill ;)





– Paul Rohde

Him, Her, and my invisible friend.

I’ve been in one of those odd moods lately where I’ve not been satisfied with anything with what I’ve been doing… so tonight I spent a lot of time in lightroom tinkering with all the different develop settings. So essentially I have a lot of photos with a huge range of moods and colors and feelings.

So… here’s some of the results of a night of shooting out with a bunch of friends and and a lot of playing in the darkroom:


TiffanyA little black and white..

mmmm Chair. I like chair.  I sit on chair.The ‘Wedding’ Pose

Playing with color‘Raise up holy hands, to prase the lord on high’


Sepia GamesSepia Games II


I caught someone else taking pictures:

Candid Camera

And yes, yes I know, I let people look at my camera, view all the pictures. Sometimes I even let them take a turn being the photographer with the wicked awesome camera ;) Soo… Somehow it seems it always ends up pointed back at me (I get the feeling that people want some sort of retribution for all the pictures I take ;) )


Vanity Fair

Later you all!