New site design for Arrowhead

I just finished putting the finishing touches on a new site design for Arrowhead Bible Camp, the current site is in great need of an overhall and update, mainly because it is becoming difficult to update the existing content and keep everthing consistent across the entire site.

The new site is based off of WordPress, a PHP based blog and content managment system.  It’s light and extensable and most of all, easy to update.  The theme is based off of K2, a theme that adds a layer of advanced functionality to the existing core wordpress installation and allows for custom styling of that theme.  This is the third iteration of the design concepts for the new arrowhead site, starting from a primaraly white, open site with few images and rounded and angled corners. From there it progressed to primarly K2 style theme with a simple header image, menus, and minimalistic bent. For this last iteration I decided to go with a more modern, image heavy design that I feel portrays the look and feel of the camp much better than the other designs did.

Take a look, tell me what you think: (click to view full size)

Paul Rohde

Bit-o Graphics work

I got hired a few days ago to do some graphic design work for an upcoming concert / rave here in downtown Salt Lake City, for those of you who have heard of Darude, he is DJ’ing live here on October 18th. Furthermore, it’s also going to be the official movie release party for Saw V, for those who like that genre of movie.

(Click to expand the images)

Paul Rohde


For those of you who have heard of street wars it’s a competition that is put on several times a year in major cities.  100+ people sign up and each person is randomly assigned a target to ‘kill’ by means of squirting them with a water gun, hitting them with a water baloon, or other method of getting the intended victim wet.  The assassin then takes the target of the person they just killed and goes after them.  The last person standing wins, or the winner of sudden death.

For my projects class at Neumont this quarter we decided to create a website that can take the game online so that anyone can play, people will be able to sign up, administrators will be able to create events, and players can sign up to play in events.  The system will take all the players at the start of the Game and assign them their targets and keep track of kills and statistics.  Right now I’m working on a mockup for the graphic design / layout for the site.  Take a look:

Assassins Front / Splash Page

Assassins - Current Target ViewAssassins - View Event

If the site turns out well enough we may try to release it to the public to use, now that would be cool!

Let me know what you think, I love feedback :D