Him, Her, and my invisible friend.

I’ve been in one of those odd moods lately where I’ve not been satisfied with anything with what I’ve been doing… so tonight I spent a lot of time in lightroom tinkering with all the different develop settings. So essentially I have a lot of photos with a huge range of moods and colors and feelings.

So… here’s some of the results of a night of shooting out with a bunch of friends and and a lot of playing in the darkroom:


TiffanyA little black and white..

mmmm Chair. I like chair.  I sit on chair.The ‘Wedding’ Pose

Playing with color‘Raise up holy hands, to prase the lord on high’


Sepia GamesSepia Games II


I caught someone else taking pictures:

Candid Camera

And yes, yes I know, I let people look at my camera, view all the pictures. Sometimes I even let them take a turn being the photographer with the wicked awesome camera ;) Soo… Somehow it seems it always ends up pointed back at me (I get the feeling that people want some sort of retribution for all the pictures I take ;) )


Vanity Fair

Later you all!


CRU Fall Retreat

I just got back from the Campus Crusade Fall retreat, it was great! I met so many new people there, it was just awesome, its great to be with a group of Christians for an entire weekend.

Da Group

Hopefully, It’ll give you a small taste of what it was like, even though I know I can never do it true justice.

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Prayer and Worship

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