Ogren Wedding

A long time ago in a church far away (by the standard of 200 years ago) there was a wedding performed, which happened to involve a good friend of mine, Jordan Ogren. As the story goes (because I was in college, away from everything going on that was important, go figure) Jordan managed to get a first date.

Then another date.

And finally carry those dates full circle.

I’ve known Jordan for several years, he got me my first job, encouraged me in my photography, been a friend, and helped me through quite a few of my own photographic and life wanderings. Alyson I’ve known less, one of those I heard more of than from. Regardless, together, they’re more than they are apart.

I now present the now married-for-two-months Jordan and Alyson Ogren!

The Groom

The Bride

The Kiss

4 Stooges

Four By Four

To Slide On Grass

Paul Rohde