Phootshoot with Dani Jae

This was my first time shooting with Dani Jae, we met up near saltair and shot along the shore or the Great Salt Lake. Take a look at a few of the photos and follow the link to the gallery to see more from the shoot.

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Dani 5453Dani 5207Dani 5289


This past week.

Life is nuts…

I’m so ready for finals to come so summer will be here… one more week… one more week. I have however gotten a new lens (20mm f2.8 USM Ultra wide angle) that should work out well for landscape photography… Its really interesting as an ‘in your face’ lens… so, I’ve been having a good deal of fun. And… I got a Wacom Tablet, which for those of you who don’t know what it is is a pad that has a special pen that you use to ‘draw’ on it, the nice thing about it is that its pressure and tilt sensitive so when your using photo shop you can adjust how the digital brush reacts by how hard you press and how you angle your pen. Probably next time I’ll have stuff I’ve done with both… Other than that, here’s pictures:

Winona Lakes Panorama

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