DJ Blacklight Great Salt Lake Shoot

Photography is one of those interesting hobbies / professions that puts you dab smack in the middle of wide slew of different people. Before I left Utah I had the pleasure of shooting DJ Blacklight out in the Salt flats near Saltair on the great Salt Lake (Note to self, stop using “Salt”). I had done a shoot for her about a year ago when I originally got started shooting people on a planned basis, and now, about a year later, she came back to shoot more. Enjoy:



Dreams of gravity

A shoot with Kellie Jean

Box of the land
I’ve been wanting to do something more abstract recently, nothing to out there, but something a little more minimalistic. We started with a cardboard box, a bottle of sparkling grape juice, and the idea to shoot high fashion in the middle of nowhere… Not the most ideal mix of concepts, but it did produce a few cool shots and taught me a few lessons:

  • When its cold, wear something warm.
  • Even the smallest breeze turns an umbrella into the most amazing sail you’ve ever seen.
  • It takes more than three full 32oz water bottles to hold up a light stand with an umbrella in a breeze.
  • When in doubt, do something stupid unexpected. Like put a box over the models head.
  • When the model is shivering, and still says she’s fine, don’t listen to her.

Looking back I think this shoot may have gone better if it had been warmer, being cold and having stiff fingers made me a bit slower and less willing to change lighting and settings. On that note it’s probably good I’m going to Southern California where I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about it being that cold. I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to give my model hypothermia, hospital trips are rad and all, just wasn’t feeling it that day :)

Enjoy the rest of the photos:

Wine for the Desert

Drinking lost

– Paul Rohde