Photowalking Temple Square Utah

For those of you near Salt lake city there was a Photowalk of Temple Square, we had around 15 people there at night in mid December … (read COLD)… the lights were amazing, and despite the cold I had a great time.

As a forward heads up, last I heard there should be a meeting on the 12th of January, some of the group are going to bring some studio lights and pocket wizards and setup a studio lighting try-it-yourself in Draper. According to Rich Legg who arranged to use the Gateway community church sanctuary for the meeting, there will also be a gear sharing table for people to come and try out other cameras, lenses, and other little photographic toy’s plus about 5 models to play with the lighting on.  Should be a great time to come, experiment and learn.  Hope to see you there!

(Rich’s original journal article can be found here:

Paul Rohde

Long exposure – Firespinning

I took these about a week or two ago, I just realized recently that I hadn’t posted them, so here they are, fresh off the press and sizzling hot.

Goes to show what a steady camera hand combined with crazy people with balls of fire attached to the end of chains can do…

Polar coordinates

Steve the PirateFirewheel

The Fire DanceThe Criss-Cross

Alright guys… Peace.

Paul Rohde