Christmas Concert ’07

Prior to my Christmas break I managed to make it to a Christmas concert at South Mountain Community Church.  Now, your average “Christmas Concert” probably entails the manger scene, a short play by some 3rd-6th graders a few songs by the worship band, and a short sermon by the local pastor.

I had heard earlier that the concert itself was really good, but was still surprised at how good of a concert it was.  It was different from my expectations in that instead of fitting the classic Christmas mold it was designed as an outreach to the people in the local community, using the culture around them to convey the message of Christ and Christmas in a way everyone could understand.  The best example of this was the “Santa vs. Jesus” commercials that imitated the Apple advertisements of “Mac vs PC”.  The music was also amazingly well done with coordinated light shows and both classic and quote “modern” Christmas music.

All in all, a great job by South Mountain Community Church, I’ll defiantly be looking for next year’s performance.

Dance of the Musicians

Paul Rohde