Photocamp UT ’09

Photocamp Utah ’09 was a huge success, the event itself sold out several weeks before with over 350 people attending down at East Bay Studios. The event was targeted at anybody with an interest in photography from the absolute beginner to the advanced users who have been shooting for several years but who still want to learn. It was divided into four main seminar time slots, each with 3 possible seminars to attend during each slot giving a nice grand total of 12 main presentation options, minus the keynotes and earlybird presentations.

For me personally, I was most interested in the printing seminar. As a student I don’t take much time or money to go out and make prints of my images, which is really something I should be doing on a more regular basis. Interestingly, this particular seminar covered more of the specifics of printing images at home, from setting up the printer, talking about the kinds of printers out there, ink, paper types, color profiles and so on. It was really cool to take a look at what can be accomplished from home, and having the ability to get excellent, semi instant results out of your printing is something that would make it a valuable and viable option for me to proof and display my work.

Of course, at a photo camp, most people bring there cameras, me being no exception. Here’s a few shots:

PhotoCampUT - Schedualizing

PhotoCampUT - Calanan Shootout

PhotoCampUT - Gaze

Catch you all later,

– Paul Rohde