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It’s been a while since I’ve just taken the time to explore and take pictures around where I’m at, I’ve forgotten how much I enjoyed the Photowalks I used to do back in Utah… I may have to go about starting up something here in the near future if my interest keeps up, anybody interested?

Started out a bit basic, flowers, plants. The usual look at the ground, scuff your feet and take the picture.

Then you sit down, look around, and are like “HEY, the grill of this truck is a few inches away from my head. Click.

Of course, signs are obvious targets.

NO Parking. No Exceptions.

As is anyone else your shooting with.

Chris figuring out the Canon 30D

Then it’s the number above your head.

And finally, having exhausting everything interesting, we start shooting at things on the ground again.

Hope you enjoyed,

– Paul Rohde

Neumont Olympics – Day 4

Who would have thought, Neumont, the on of the most premiere computer science schools in existence right now, would have Olympic events?

However unusual, the USG (United Student Government) of Neumont University has begun what will become a yearly, or possibly bi-yearly Olympic games event. Teams of up to four people sign up and compete in a variety of events throughout the week of the Olympic games. This particular time events have included an egg toss, Foosball tournament, rock band tournament, and most recently an obstacle / relay race.




Neumont Career Fair

It is interesting how far people will go to get away from awkward situations, or even situations that have the slightest potential to be awkward. I cannot exclude myself from this, there have been times where I have just decided not to go to something because of that very reason, but there are times when I just needs to push myself to just go and do it, and many times I will find that what I thought was going to be a difficult situation turns out to be not as bad as my imagination had made it out to be. The simple act of consistently putting myself outside of my comfort zone to interact, meet, and make friends with new people is so much more valuable than anything I could have seen when I started. In reality the adage of ‘to make friends you need to be a friend’ when taken as far as it can is so much more than “I’ll be friends with whoever I end up meeting” to “I’ll meet everybody and make friends with anyone willing to be my friend” and it opens up a whole new realm of people and possibilities.

At Neumont, every quarter, they hold a Neumont Career Fair where 10-15 business both ones from salt lake and more well known ones such as IBM and ACS will come and have booths set up for students to come, ask questions, get resumés and so on.  It’s quite a challange and an experience to go in there and talk to prospective employees about your talents, experiences, and abilities, then ask questions, get to know the people there, read the material they hand out and so on.  It’s quite exhausting to say the least, but rewarding if only in the experience of dealing with a company and getting comfortable meeting people you never had before that are “superior” to you in terms of job position.  Its good practice for the day your sitting behind a table being interviewed for a job, as close as you can come without actually being there.

Jimmy, this is IBMCoporate Identity

Its not all about stiff

He’s donePerformance Time

That’s all for this post,


Him, Her, and my invisible friend.

I’ve been in one of those odd moods lately where I’ve not been satisfied with anything with what I’ve been doing… so tonight I spent a lot of time in lightroom tinkering with all the different develop settings. So essentially I have a lot of photos with a huge range of moods and colors and feelings.

So… here’s some of the results of a night of shooting out with a bunch of friends and and a lot of playing in the darkroom:


TiffanyA little black and white..

mmmm Chair. I like chair.  I sit on chair.The ‘Wedding’ Pose

Playing with color‘Raise up holy hands, to prase the lord on high’


Sepia GamesSepia Games II


I caught someone else taking pictures:

Candid Camera

And yes, yes I know, I let people look at my camera, view all the pictures. Sometimes I even let them take a turn being the photographer with the wicked awesome camera ;) Soo… Somehow it seems it always ends up pointed back at me (I get the feeling that people want some sort of retribution for all the pictures I take ;) )


Vanity Fair

Later you all!