Why I Shoot.

Why do I shoot?

It’s a question I often ask myself, and the answer has changed over the years, but I think it boils down to the challenge of creating. With photography there’s no limits, no end to the creative exploration, there’s always new ways to improve and better yourself. With the recent project I’ve started (Which you should take a look at here: http://www.project54.net) to take 50 pictures of 50 people over 50 days with a 50 mm lens I’ve realized two things: I’m becoming more comfortable around people with my photography (asking them to do this or that and to let me shoot their picture), and I’m shooting much than just the images for my project. Since moving out here to California I’ve slowed down and I really forgot the passion I do have for photography. It’s images like these from people that have never modeled or done any sort of photography before that make want to keep shooting.

So for your viewing pleasure, Chris the Accountant:

Project 54 - Day 16

– Paul Rohde

The business of photography

For those of you that have seen my work and/or request digital copies and so on and so fourth, here’s what I’ve been decided to do after mulling over everything about prices, copywrites, digital images… gahh it’s been a mess of a time.

Alright, here’s what I’ve decided, I’m going to continuing to post and give away small digital images; images with the size constrained to 640×640 will be the standard size and images constrained to 800×800 will be the maximum size, any digital images will have a watermark with my name/website/date/copywrite on them, this will only be for images I take for fun at events or whenever and wherever I choose to take pictures.

Any pictures you want can probably be printed, so if I’ve already taken the picture and you’ve seen it here or I’ve shown it to you, chances are I can get it printed.  Since I do all my printing online through a really good photo printing company they have to ship the images to me, so if you want a photo printed you’ll have to pay for shipping plus the cost of the image (so if you order multiple images you pay one shipping charge)

For example, you buy a 5×7 for $7, and then shipping is $3 then you’d end up with a final cost of $10 or so.  In example 2 you buy 2 5×7’s and an 8×10 of different images, shipping is $5 (yes, I’m pulling the numbers for shipping out of thin air) it’d be 7*2+15+5=$34.  Get it?

I think this is what I’m going to generally charge for printed images I’ve take at events or just wandering around(There are and will be exceptions for certain images, but for most general photos this is how they will be priced):

4×6: $5
5×7: $7
8×10: $15
(Ask about larger images)

And yes, I’ll give discounts if you want to buy a large quantity or if you need many of one image printed off for some reason.

As far as getting specific picture taken (Senior photos, portraits, family, model shots, stock etc..) I still have not figured out that side of the business, but I’m working on it and I’ll keep this blog updated.