Insta Photowalk

It’s been a while since I’ve just taken the time to explore and take pictures around where I’m at, I’ve forgotten how much I enjoyed the Photowalks I used to do back in Utah… I may have to go about starting up something here in the near future if my interest keeps up, anybody interested?

Started out a bit basic, flowers, plants. The usual look at the ground, scuff your feet and take the picture.

Then you sit down, look around, and are like “HEY, the grill of this truck is a few inches away from my head. Click.

Of course, signs are obvious targets.

NO Parking. No Exceptions.

As is anyone else your shooting with.

Chris figuring out the Canon 30D

Then it’s the number above your head.

And finally, having exhausting everything interesting, we start shooting at things on the ground again.

Hope you enjoyed,

– Paul Rohde

Why I Shoot.

Why do I shoot?

It’s a question I often ask myself, and the answer has changed over the years, but I think it boils down to the challenge of creating. With photography there’s no limits, no end to the creative exploration, there’s always new ways to improve and better yourself. With the recent project I’ve started (Which you should take a look at here: to take 50 pictures of 50 people over 50 days with a 50 mm lens I’ve realized two things: I’m becoming more comfortable around people with my photography (asking them to do this or that and to let me shoot their picture), and I’m shooting much than just the images for my project. Since moving out here to California I’ve slowed down and I really forgot the passion I do have for photography. It’s images like these from people that have never modeled or done any sort of photography before that make want to keep shooting.

So for your viewing pleasure, Chris the Accountant:

Project 54 - Day 16

– Paul Rohde

DJ Blacklight Great Salt Lake Shoot

Photography is one of those interesting hobbies / professions that puts you dab smack in the middle of wide slew of different people. Before I left Utah I had the pleasure of shooting DJ Blacklight out in the Salt flats near Saltair on the great Salt Lake (Note to self, stop using “Salt”). I had done a shoot for her about a year ago when I originally got started shooting people on a planned basis, and now, about a year later, she came back to shoot more. Enjoy:



Dreams of gravity

A shoot with Kellie Jean

Box of the land
I’ve been wanting to do something more abstract recently, nothing to out there, but something a little more minimalistic. We started with a cardboard box, a bottle of sparkling grape juice, and the idea to shoot high fashion in the middle of nowhere… Not the most ideal mix of concepts, but it did produce a few cool shots and taught me a few lessons:

  • When its cold, wear something warm.
  • Even the smallest breeze turns an umbrella into the most amazing sail you’ve ever seen.
  • It takes more than three full 32oz water bottles to hold up a light stand with an umbrella in a breeze.
  • When in doubt, do something stupid unexpected. Like put a box over the models head.
  • When the model is shivering, and still says she’s fine, don’t listen to her.

Looking back I think this shoot may have gone better if it had been warmer, being cold and having stiff fingers made me a bit slower and less willing to change lighting and settings. On that note it’s probably good I’m going to Southern California where I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about it being that cold. I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to give my model hypothermia, hospital trips are rad and all, just wasn’t feeling it that day :)

Enjoy the rest of the photos:

Wine for the Desert

Drinking lost

– Paul Rohde