A Neu Haunting

Neumont has been officially haunted… by stalkerish crazy computer scientists… AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Fortunately, everyone somehow managed to survive this haunting occasion unscathed. And as a result of a awesome costume contest we ended up with a wide selection of great photos for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy this crazy cool gallery :)



East Bay Studios Shoot

20081024_PaulRohde_EastBayArtGalleryShoot__MG_1045.jpgAbout two weeks ago I got a call from a model I had worked with in the past saying that she was setting up an event at a new studio that was was opening down in Provo. We talked a bit about what was going on and she asked me to come down and do some shooting with some other photographers and models. I don’t think I fully understood exactly what the event was going to entail but I agreed to come if I had time and if school permitted and didn’t really think much about it.

A few days before the actual event I get a call from her asking if I’m coming and that, if I do, she’d arranged for me to be one of the main photographers there and have my own area to setup and shoot in. Cool right? The whole studio area was larger than I had imagined it would be, but I had a nice large area to setup in, plenty of rooms to stick my lights wherever I wanted to and plenty of photographers and models coming and going from my station.

20081024_PaulRohde_EastBayArtGalleryShoot__MG_1102.jpgAll in all, a good night, met some good photographers and models with the added bonus of lots of good pictures.

Enjoy :)


Kellie Jean Skateboard Shoot

About a week ago I had a shoot with Kellie Jean at the skate park in sandy. It’s probably the first shoot I’ve done where I was going for specific stock images in the process. The principle idea behind this shoot was to have a model dressed like a model trying to somehow skateboard in high heels, Kellie managed to pull this off wonderfully despite the being afraid of falling /slipping (when was the last time you tried to skateboard in high heels?!)

Good times :)

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And if you liked what you saw, there’s more in the gallery, so take a look and enjoy!


Phootshoot with Dani Jae

This was my first time shooting with Dani Jae, we met up near saltair and shot along the shore or the Great Salt Lake. Take a look at a few of the photos and follow the link to the gallery to see more from the shoot.

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Dani 5453Dani 5207Dani 5289