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As I’ve continued working on this game due to the large amount of support from friends and professors here at Neumont, I’ve decided to rename the game due to another game being released with the exact same name by Lucas Arts ( I’m still unsure if I’m going to end up releasing a full game or trying to sell it at all via steam or xbox live or not, there is still a huge amount of work that still needs to be done on the game to make it production worthy.

As far as progress on the game goes, there are now power-ups, better game logic, a simple menu system that was thrown in last minute, several difficulty levels, level regeneration, two new space backdrops, new weapons, and the list goes on… needless to say there has been a good chunk of additional work put into this game since the last time you saw it.

In addition, I was given the opportunity to demo this game to the new prospective students this last Friday after they went through a XNA demo and had a chance to try out what you could do with XNA. A lot of the students were very impressed, though I couldn’t decide if it was a ‘oooo this is a cool game, or oooo this cool that someone here did something like this’ kind of reaction. Guess we’ll see when I get the chance to create and release a demo version :)

However, my blog is not complete without giving you some sort of media to look at, so, here is a desktop background made from one of the space backdrops in the game at 1920×1200 for your viewing / using pleasure.

Download at 1920 x 1200

Fracture – The Game

One of the cool things about Neumont is that every so often an assignment comes along that intrigues and causes you to become way more obsessed and involved in that assignment or project than you normally are. One of my current class is a course in XNA, which is Microsoft’s game and graphical development libraries for building games for both Windows, and for the Xbox ad Xbox 360, making it a powerful game development suite powered by .NET and C# (My current language of choice).

The first very, VERY beta version of the game was turned in late last night… or early this morning depending on what time zone you’re in :) The basic premise was to make a simple 2D game from the techniques learned in class, vectors, shapes, zdepth, and text… just basic simple stuff. We were required to have more than one character with a frame based animated sprite, multiple opponents, and collision of some sort or another and some overall game logic (game over, you win, you lose… you know the drill) For those of you that know me from before I came to Neumont one of the big things that originally drew me into computers was making and creating games, my parents were rather strict and against me playing many, if any games at all, but for the most part they didn’t mind me making and creating my own games. Being 14-15 at the time, trying to wrap your head about 3D matrix transformations, vector math, ridged body dynamics, path finding and node graph transversal… Wow, parents must have thought I was crazy (Thanks for all the books mom and dad! :)

So, for your perusing pleasure, I present Fracture, the result 3-4 day coding, lots of coffee, ~40 source files and classes and approximately 7000 lines of code and the Photoshop skillz of yours truly ;) It’s a side scrolling, completely 2D sprite based game (no 3D objects or cameras or anything at all). Your goal is simple, survive to the end of the level, don’t hit the white circles that come in and bounce around the screen or the bullets they shoot at you and destroy as many of those dang white circles as possible.


If there is enough interest, *cough*splutter*comments*cough*, I may continue working on this and get it release ready. You know you want to play an awesome game of shooting little white circles that are trying to run themselves into you and shooting at the same time to achieve the never ending highest percent destroyed per level up to the highest level possible :)

But for real, leave a comment, tell me what you all think, how it looks, even how much it sucks and what could be better :)

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Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3