Its your turn

As I’ve spent a lot of time learning and practicing my photography there have always been people along the way to give advice, provide mentorship and vision for me to reach for. Some never even know how much they’ve helped me along this little personal journey of mine; so today I’m going to be taking the time to recognize some of the people who have both served as mentors and peers to me and to those who have provided encouragement.

However, As I step into the ‘real world’ out of college I also want to take time to give back to the community as best I can. Without that, without many of the resources that people have put together, I really do not think I would be anywhere near the photographer I am today. One of the things I’m going to start doing is taking the time to answer photography related questions here on my blog and to begin writing down much of what I know in the form of tutorial posts. Its YOUR TURN to let me know what you want.

I personally wanted to thank each and every one of the following people (you can click on the pictures to enlarge them):


My Mom & Dad

Meet my parents, they got me my first camera body and lens and have always supported and encouraged me to become better, that camera still rarely leaves my side :) They’ve always been a blessing in so many ways and supported me in the many interests and hobbies I’ve had throughout my life. Thanks you both!


Jordan Ogren

Jordan is one of my best friends and also got me my first interview and job at WSU (Winona State University). As fellow photographer he and I were always competing and critiquing each others work as we both started out at around the same time. He also appears likes the taste of plastic V8 Splash bottles ^_^


Rich Legg

Another fellow photographer that I met through my Church here in Utah he started getting back into photography, stock photography in specific, helps run the Photowalking Utah group and is an amazing photographer and networker, in addition to being a good friend. He’s one of those people you look up to and try to model your work after, many thanks Rich for all the critique and encouragement!

(Rich is the photographer on the left)


Dani Jae

Dani is one of those people that you first meet and wonder if they ever get tired, sleep, stop going… or stop talking. I still haven’t figured it out :) Over the time I’ve known her she’s introduced and recommended me to more people than anyone else I know, and is an amazing friend to boot. If your reading this Dani, many MANY thanks for the friendship, the shoots, and the crazy conversations over pie :)


David Figge

Though not a photographer this guy has helped and encouraged me in my photography and been a great resource to me as I’m working to start my own Photography business. Many thanks for the time and input you’ve put into me Dave!


Peter Boysen

Another photographer that’s both a friend of mine and Jordan’s; he has a good set of work and I’ve often wished I had the skill he does. Thanks for all the inspiration, direction and criticism Peter!


Jared Anderson

A former Disney performer come to life Jared is another photographer whom I met at Neumont and have since kept up and done occasional shoots together. Many thanks for the time, critique, and the Nikon vs Canon rivalry!


Nathan Sweet

A photographer that I met through Ute-Nighted up at the University of Utah we’ve been collaborating (him borrowing my lights) *ahem* and occasionally critiquing each others work, bouncing ideas back and fourth, and so on.

Many thanks to each and every one of you, and I hope to be hearing from those of you who have something they would like to hear me write about here on my blog!

– Paul Rohde