Why I Shoot.

Why do I shoot?

It’s a question I often ask myself, and the answer has changed over the years, but I think it boils down to the challenge of creating. With photography there’s no limits, no end to the creative exploration, there’s always new ways to improve and better yourself. With the recent project I’ve started (Which you should take a look at here: http://www.project54.net) to take 50 pictures of 50 people over 50 days with a 50 mm lens I’ve realized two things: I’m becoming more comfortable around people with my photography (asking them to do this or that and to let me shoot their picture), and I’m shooting much than just the images for my project. Since moving out here to California I’ve slowed down and I really forgot the passion I do have for photography. It’s images like these from people that have never modeled or done any sort of photography before that make want to keep shooting.

So for your viewing pleasure, Chris the Accountant:

Project 54 - Day 16

– Paul Rohde