Sharing Is Broken

I have a big pet peeve on the web. I know. It’s another rant of mine that may or may not turn into a good idea. (Queue appropriate XKCD reference Here it is: There is no good way to post something in one place, and share it everywhere else automatically, in whatever format is best for the site it’s being posted too.

For instance, I’m sitting here writing this blog post, and I want to share my verbal tirade with the world. Specifically, I want to post it on my blog, which happens to be based on WordPress. WordPress has this nice clean RSS feed feature that cool people like you can use to subscribe to my blog updates. Now, I’m half in half out of this whole ‘Social Media’ thing, and I have accounts on most major sites, apps hooked up on my phone and so on, but it’s a pain to update everything at once. All I want to do is share this awesome post with the world in whatever medium the rest of the world is using, and keep control of my data so that if Facebook accidentally pushes out an update that melts every single hard drive in every one of of there servers, I still have a backup. But that’s another discussion. Unfortunately, RSS feeds don’t cut it because the rest of the world is uncool and doesn’t use Google Reader or some similar app. So, once I post my blog, I put the title and a link and post it on Twitter. Put a mini excerpt and put it on Facebook. Put another excerpt on Google+. Email the parents. Print it out for the Grandparents and mail it. You get the idea. Twitter I can automate. Facebook I can kinda automate via twitter. And Google+ is the awesome social media site without a programming interface in the corner. Damn you Google+. Why do I love thee so much?

We live in the modern age. So why can’t I have a service, or an app, or a tool that takes my post, and cross posts it across the “Big 3”? Heck. I’ll write my post in markdown so the app doesn’t have to strip and process out all the simple html tags out of my post incorrectly. So, until some smart person comes up with a GOOD solution, I’m going run this show on intern power. Good ‘ol human labor.