October Boarding

Let me tell you something…

When I look outside the window I see a nice sunny day, green grass, with the trees just starting to change color…. There’s a little white on the top of the mountain, but not much more than that to speak of. So take a wild guess what I did this weekend?

No… It wasn’t mudboarding…

Yes… it involved climbing…

Alright, this ought to help:



AndySunlight Stripes

Fly luke, fly!Fly, float, flump…

Oh yeah! Thats right: Snowboarding; in about 2-3 feet of fresh powder… mmmm hmmmm thats good!

Lata you all!


CRU Fall Retreat

I just got back from the Campus Crusade Fall retreat, it was great! I met so many new people there, it was just awesome, its great to be with a group of Christians for an entire weekend.

Da Group

Hopefully, It’ll give you a small taste of what it was like, even though I know I can never do it true justice.

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Prayer and Worship

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