The falls

Apartment complexes can be some of the most mundane, uninspiring places you could ever be. Rows and rows of identical houses with identical doors and identical siding with the same garages across the road. That being said it’s interesting to go around and look for anything interesting, inspiring, or different; its a challenge to find them and then to take the photo in such a way that you convey to whoever sees that photo what you intended them to see.

Here’s what I found:

Sombody left theseSpread the leaves

The Red SpireA look at salt lake city

Alien LandingRemember the sky

CarAlien Landing II

For those without hope

Ahhh… It’s almost thanksgiving… mmm…. school break…
Paul Rohde

October Boarding

Let me tell you something…

When I look outside the window I see a nice sunny day, green grass, with the trees just starting to change color…. There’s a little white on the top of the mountain, but not much more than that to speak of. So take a wild guess what I did this weekend?

No… It wasn’t mudboarding…

Yes… it involved climbing…

Alright, this ought to help:



AndySunlight Stripes

Fly luke, fly!Fly, float, flump…

Oh yeah! Thats right: Snowboarding; in about 2-3 feet of fresh powder… mmmm hmmmm thats good!

Lata you all!