UTE-Nited is a group of people that meets regularly during the college school year on Tuesday nights up at the University of Utah, its meant to be a real informal night of just worship, a short little talk or discussion and just hang out, talk and get to know people. Its a great midweek break. Fortunately, I happened to meet and know someone who can drive me up and back from there as I usually don’t feel like a 3-4 hour bike ride one way and then back.

Yes, it would be good for me.

Do I have an excuse? Well… if you asked me today I had a flat tire on my bike.

The MusiciansThe group

Praise and WorshipShawn going nuts

Chillin afterwords

More to come later,

But before that, here’s the link to UTE-Nited’s website: http://www.ute-nited.com/

Paul Rohde