White Cherry Studios is now LIVE!

It’s now official! White Cherry Studios is now going live! I’m throwing most if not all my wedding, portrait, and other photographic work under that name so that I can separate out the graphic design, development and other random stuff that goes on at my blog here. Plus it gives me more of an entity to deal with as opposed to a singular person which will enable me to expand it further when and where I choose to.

So without further ado:


Check it out, take a look, subscribe to the RSS, all that goodness.

Paul Rohde

Him, Her, and my invisible friend.

I’ve been in one of those odd moods lately where I’ve not been satisfied with anything with what I’ve been doing… so tonight I spent a lot of time in lightroom tinkering with all the different develop settings. So essentially I have a lot of photos with a huge range of moods and colors and feelings.

So… here’s some of the results of a night of shooting out with a bunch of friends and and a lot of playing in the darkroom:


TiffanyA little black and white..

mmmm Chair. I like chair.  I sit on chair.The ‘Wedding’ Pose

Playing with color‘Raise up holy hands, to prase the lord on high’


Sepia GamesSepia Games II


I caught someone else taking pictures:

Candid Camera

And yes, yes I know, I let people look at my camera, view all the pictures. Sometimes I even let them take a turn being the photographer with the wicked awesome camera ;) Soo… Somehow it seems it always ends up pointed back at me (I get the feeling that people want some sort of retribution for all the pictures I take ;) )


Vanity Fair

Later you all!