UTE-Nited is a group of people that meets regularly during the college school year on Tuesday nights up at the University of Utah, its meant to be a real informal night of just worship, a short little talk or discussion and just hang out, talk and get to know people. Its a great midweek break. Fortunately, I happened to meet and know someone who can drive me up and back from there as I usually don’t feel like a 3-4 hour bike ride one way and then back.

Yes, it would be good for me.

Do I have an excuse? Well… if you asked me today I had a flat tire on my bike.

The MusiciansThe group

Praise and WorshipShawn going nuts

Chillin afterwords

More to come later,

But before that, here’s the link to UTE-Nited’s website: http://www.ute-nited.com/

Paul Rohde

Open Mike Night

I probably should have posted this before I posted the one of DJ Blacklight, for time-orders sake, and for my own sanity. Contrary to popular belief, I’m lazy and have decided not to mess with the timestamps and a bunch of other time manipulation techniques known to some as ‘database entry modification’.

That aside, open mike night was awesome, good times, good people, good music… what more could you ask for?

Ohhhhh… thats right… I must have read your mind… oh wait, thats my own… Pictures…Finger dance stringsChillaxin at the tableInterprative DanceIn the flesh

And yes Shawn, I just stole ‘chillaxin’ from you… Oh BISCUIT!

Yes, its late… Yes, I’m tired… NO I’m not completely insane… yet.

Night ya’ll,

Paul Rohde

CRU Fall Retreat

I just got back from the Campus Crusade Fall retreat, it was great! I met so many new people there, it was just awesome, its great to be with a group of Christians for an entire weekend.

Da Group

Hopefully, It’ll give you a small taste of what it was like, even though I know I can never do it true justice.

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Prayer and Worship

Paul Rohde